CYDY Bashers – what are they ?

…An individual, either acting alone or on behalf of someone else, who attempts to devalue a stock by spreading false or exaggerated claims against a public company. After the stock’s price has dropped, the basher, or the basher’s employer, will then purchase the stock at a lower price than what he or she believes it is intrinsically worth….

Investopedia explains Stock Basher
…This is an illegal activity that can carry significant legal repercussions. The basher is generally paid on the basis of how many lies and negative rumors are spread, which can dramatically affect a stock’s value. If an investor believes some of the lies, he or she may sell off the stock at the higher price before it falls. The basher will then purchase the stock and ride out the gains….

InvestorsHub – “CYDY Basher Hall of Fame
(also known as “iHUB” or “IdiotHub” or “$5.95 Club”)

Want to report a CYDY “basher”? Go to the link below and post their handle, a link to their iHUB profile, and some links to their bashing posts. I’ll take a look and hopefully add them to the list.


Justdafactss – This user is the MOAB (Mother of All Bashers). Constant diarrhea of the mouth/keyboard. Posts fanatically strange accusations that may have an infinitesimal amount of truth in them and the other 120% is pure bullshit. Unbelievably a moderator on the CYDY board. Will delete posts that question him/her/it in a microsecond. The reason that many posters left iHUB and moved over to InvestorsHangout. Very biased and a waste of oxygen. About the only useful thing they produce is CO2 so the plants can live.
Apparently suffers from “mommy” or “daddy” issues – a neglected child…very sad.
(AKA: Justa, Justda, JSDF, shithead, dumbass, “that asshole mod”, etc)

Hopester – This user has changed tone in the last few months to attempt acting as a valued confidant when it comes to Technical Analysis (TA). Previously was up there in drivel posted like Justdafactss but changed to take what I feel is the “good cop” role with Justdafactss as the “bad cop”. Some people actually value what Hopester has to offer.

Jeromefrommanhattan – This user is another spastic commenter. Can’t keep his stories straight….was the stock price going down to $1 …. or was it 50 cents…

fung_derf – A more sophisticated and established commenter that seems to be a “floater”. Goes from message board to message board to try giving credibility to bashers and their comments.

Google Pump and Dump – What can I say….how about just plain “trash” and probably has in their possession a couple of bags of dicks.

MeLotsOfMoney – Can’t form complete sentences and is most likely a 5th grade dropout from a 3rd World reform school.

KobeF – A more sophisticated basher. Can actually form complete sentences and develop a thought pattern. Somewhat convincing…..if you believe everything is negative. Claims to be an “investor” of CYDY making the claim that he had 35K shares..and before that 50K – fat chance. Is also a part-time basher of RLFTF. Was actually positive on CYDY before the 30Jun20 bear raid…then he went sour.

trader59 – Possibly from Germany. Paid account that posts prolifically on numerous boards yelling “bankruptcy” or “lawsuits”…basically the same as a person yelling “FIRE” in a movie theater. Thankfully moved on to other pastures….maybe the BS tasted better over there.

chuck29 -Graced CYDY’s board for a while then moved on to WKHS’s board. Likes to use the word “fook” a lot…he might be Scottish…with a “big heed”…

Theforce123 -Probably a parachute account for a basher whose main account was put in iHUB Jail. Only active from 7/10/20 through 7/17/20. One week….coincidence, huh ?

StonksRUs -Must live a miserable life to only be able to view the world through opaque glasses like a blind person. We should all pitch in and buy them one of those white canes with a red tip. Can’t seem to get their act together.

notcovidready – Seems to be a COVID inspired account. Like one of those shiny green flies that likes to eat crap. Looks to be limited to three posts per day…thankfully…

dloggold – A knuckle dragger. Can’t form complete sentences, much less spell. HGEN pumper – CYDY basher.

Amatuer17 – This one is a old timer snake. He’ll go along with everyone as though he’s following along, then BAM!!….he’ll crap in your cornflakes with a “NP is a fool” post.

Cynmark24 – Comes and goes from the CYDY board. Plies his wares on PSTI’s board too. More middle of the road….careful with this one.

Psea – Worked the ARMN board from July 2018 until July 2020, then turned a hard right rudder and ploughed right into the CYDY board. Dumps on CytoDyn management quite a bit…jury is still out on this one.

Grip it and Sip it – Has been invested in CYDY for many years. Recently turned into a flipper and has gone over to the “dark side”. Probably one of the more reasonable bashers – if there is such a category. I think he’s been inducted into the “$5.95 Club” to make some extra cash since he has a pretty good rapport with many regular posters. ….but….he swings his sticks left-handed….I wonder what other “sticks” he likes to swing with…

And back by popular demand….”Downfall of the Bashers

Some interesting links talking about bashers:

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