Who’s a “short and distort” kind of guy ?

[Updated 03Aug @ 0640]

Looks like LifeMD’s “Brief in Opposition of Motion” (here and here) – meaning LifeMD’s support of why the courts should listen to Team Lamarco/Culper’s (TLC) request for dismissal was filed – was filed per the court’s direction.

LifeMD lays out a pretty compelling case that their suit has facts to support their position whereas TLC is missing the mark and is hiding behind slippery words like “I think” and “as we view”.

Still awaiting TLC’s response….I wonder if they’re missing in action and have run for the hills.

So….basically no real progress in the case and everyone is awaiting the court’s direction. Standby….

[Update 13July21 @ 1945]

Team Lamarco/Culper (let’s call them “TLC”) has clearly put the onus on LifeMD to respond to TLC’s request for dismissal by 02Aug21 in a response of less than twenty pages (hard to do with those double spaced court forms). You can see the latest filing here.

TLC isn’t giving anything up without a fight. No John/Jane Doe 2-6 names, affiliates, etc have been divulged. Gonna get messy since TLC basically says they can write anything they want about anyone due to “freedom of speech” even if can be interpreted as damaging, libel, slander, derogatory, etc…..as long you put the words “we think”, “as we view”, “it is thought”, etc somewhere in the contents of the document in question. Ya, sure…..almost along the lines of yelling “HI JACK!!!” across the airport concourse to your friend Jack…..right….

[Update 10July21 @ 0100]

Well, not to be disappointed it seems that Culper (aka “Team Lamarco”) team did not respond with subpoena results….but with a petition for “Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim“!!!

Wow….back in your face LifeMD !!! Doesn’t look like Team Lamarco is going to roll over and bite the pillow so easily. Time to get the popcorn started – this should be a nice, long, drawn out, and EXPENSIVE battle. Hope Little Christian Lamarco has stashed away for a “rainy day” for all those hefty legal fees….or do you think Mommy & Daddy are grifting from the offering plate to fund their baby’s defense ?

Scroll down for an updated docket listing and available documents !!!

[Update 02Jul21 @ 1720]
The Order for expedited discovery (subpoenas) by LifeMD’s lawyers was approved on 01Jun21 with completion date of 09Jul21. So, I don’t expect any updates until 12Jul21. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July !!

Seems that things have been pretty quiet on the Justdafactss.blog side of the fence for the last few months since our life has been pretty busy doing a little research into who is behind “short activist” entities like BuyersStrike! and Culper Research.

Well…behold this. Seems that a company that was target of a Culper Research “short and distort” series of hit articles didn’t take kindly to all the marketcap and lost investors they experienced – so they did what every injured party should do – sue the pants off them.

A new lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania on May 13 (Case number: 2:21-cv-00640-DSC) by LifeMD against Culper Research, Christian Matthew Lamarco, and John/Jane Does 2 through 10*.

You may wonder how does this have anything to do with Justdafactss.blog – well, Justdafactss.blog has a long and storied history with CytoDyn ($CYDY) ….AND….Culper Research was one of the “shorts” who filed several “short and distort research articles” (here, here, and here) covering CytoDyn just before the big 30Jun20 stock price crash. Ya…ya…Citron was involved too but we know Left is behind them, but no one knew who was behind Culper Research and their hit articles. However, now it looks like we know.

Take a look at the initial complaint that was filed by LifeMD:
(Here’s a preview of the first page)

Here are the latest docket entries that PACER has for the case:

Updated 03Aug21 @ 0630EDT

And for your continued reading pleasure, the full set of filings made so far:

  • Initial Complaint (13/14 May 21): 1, 1-1, 1-2
  • Summons Issued (14 May 21): 2
  • Disclosure Statement (14 May 21): 3
  • Summons/Returned Returned Executed (24 May 21): 6
  • Summons/Returned Returned Executed (24 May 21): 7
  • Motion for Leave to File (28 May 21 / 01 Jun 21): 8, 8-1, 8-2, 8-3
  • Brief in Support of Motion (28 May 21): 9
  • Order on Motion for Leave to File (01 Jun 21): 10
  • Stipulation (09 Jun 21): 11
  • Notice of Appearance (10 Jun 21): 13
  • Disclosure Statement (16 Jun 21): 14
  • Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (25 Jun 21): 15, 15-1, 15-2, 15-3, 15-4
  • Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (25 Jun 21): 16, 16-1, 16-2, 16-3, 16-4
  • Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim (09 Jul 21): 18, 18-1
  • Brief in Support of Motion (09 Jul 21): 19
  • Response/Briefing Schedule (12 Jul 21): 20
  • Brief in Opposition to Motion (02 Aug 21): 21, 21-1
  • Notice (02 Aug 21): 22
    * Now, remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

So, one thing that’s interesting is that there was a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request made back in April 2020 to the FDA about CytoDyn from someone claiming to be from “Shadyside Partners LLC”. Well, tie this “Disclosure Statement” by Lamarco’s attorney requesting anyone to recuse themselves if they are associated with “Shadyside Partners LLC” – to me that ties Lamarco/Culper to Shadyside Partners.
Here are the FDA FOIA request and denial response. Notice the name “Jeff Bourland” in the FOIA request ? That was probably an attempt by Lamarco to cast shade on Bourland who didn’t have anything to with any of this. Culper has used Bourland’s name in prior documents…most probably without permission.

…..undoubtedly more to come….so stay tuned….you might even get to see a picture of Christian Matthew Lamarco….he sure is attractive in a metro-sexual way. Wonder what the time in a Federal Prison for something like this….probably invokes these thoughts in Lamarco’s head….